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Hi friend, I'm so glad to see. :) I have been hoping we could sit down and chat. I'm Samantha, the founder of Elah Tree. I started this blog way back in 2009 as a place to share my work as a budding photographer. And it's been a crazy ride since then.

Let's take a quick walk down memory lane, before I spill all the beans and share all my deepest, darkest secrets. ;) Do you have your beverage of choice? I have some starbucks vias, if you need a pick me up.

... way, way, way back...

2009 - 2011: Elah Tree Started out as Elah Photography.  This space was devoted to sharing my journey in photography. Posting was sporadic and I was just beginning my journey as a creative. I spent all my time posting photo shoots and sharing my love for being behind the lens. I took a break at the end of 2011.

2012: I married my best friend and moved from Missouri to Southern California. Lots of changes happened in 2012. I wasn't posting at all during that time, I was focusing on life in a new season. 

2013: March of 2013 I took a huge leap of faith and quit my day job. Elah Tree was born and so began my journey as a handmade shop owner and lifestyle blogger.

2015: 2015 was a whirl wind of changes. We went from the West Coast to the East Coast for Tyler's career and we made New York our home. 2015 reminded me of my love for photography and definitely stretched me as I began sharing more photography tips on the blog.

2016: Whew, 2016 is here and I'm still learning what it's like to be on the East Coast. I have learned that life is a wonderful journey of discoveries. Overall, I have learned that I love to create and that is what this space is about.

So, a little about me. Well, I grew up in the Midwest, and it will forever have my heart. Tyler and I both grew up in Missouri and that is where our love story began. That sure did make me sound like a hopeless romantic. Since graduating from college, I've spent a lot of time in different places. I spent about a year in Florida, then moved back to Missouri for about a year and a half. After getting married we headed out West. Tyler and I spent our first three years of marriage in sunny California. And now, we're on the East Coast, whew. Can you believe it, coast to coast. We now spend our days in New York, in a tiny little town called Pleasantville. We also live in a tiny little house, 325sqft.

The beginning of my blog career was focused on creating a lifestyle blog and creating for my Etsy shop. I shared lots of different things, from food; these doughnuts are my favorite... to home remedies, like this easy all purpose lemon cleaner... to these easy spring drinks for two... and a everything else in between.

This space as been a place for me to create and through years of discovery and many different ventures I have learned that I have many hobbies. ;)  Each of the creative ventures I've been down all have a piece of my heart and that's what you'll find here. Pieces of my heart and lots of inspiration to create. My passion for photography has always been a driving force behind this space and I hope you will always find inspiration and tips to aid you in your own journey. You'll also find ventures in baking, pieces of our everyday lives, adventures we've been on, living well tips, and lots of fun style. And occasionally, I'll throw in a few free downloads. :)

This space is meant to create a community of makers, whether you find joy as a homemaker, a photographer, a home decor enthusiasts or an adventure seeker. Here, we can speak life into our dreams.

And for good measure, here are some of my favorite photography posts; 5 Reasons to Buy a 50mm Lens, Setting the Stage for Mood Lighting9 Tips for a Great Photography Hike, 5 Ways to Shoot with the 50mm Lens, & Photography on the Go: Tips & Tricks.

Tyler and I like to go on lots of adventures, so you'll see that on here as well. And with each adventure, I'll make sure to share photo tips along the way. I do my best to include the shot details for images, that way you can get a handle on how we shot each image, so that you can give it a try too. :)

Well that was fun, wasn't it! :) Thanks so much for stopping by, I love meeting new people and making new friends. Make sure to stop by and follow along on bloglovin, pinterest, facebook, twitter, google +, and most importantly INSTAGRAM. Instagram is my jam and one of my favorite places to build community, so come on by so we can be friends! :)

Cheers darling! xoxo!

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