January 13, 2016


Winter can easily keep us inside, for me, it keeps me in a very tiny house, ha! I've been feeling a little bit of the winter blues and I with a few more months of winter ahead, it was time to get creative inside. It can be really easy for me to loose inspiration when cooped up inside all winter. The whole challenge of shooting every day can get a little boring, so finding new inspiration has been a must.

I decided it was time to start creating some fun indoor photo props to inspire my creativity and challenge me in different ways. Have you ever heard of marble adhesive? I've read about it on a few other blogs and I finally decided to order some. I've had the adhesive for a few weeks and I've finally made some use of it.

I started out by testing a small piece to see how easy it was to use and turns out it's a breeze. I have a handful of different foam core boards, lots of different colors. I decided to use the adhesive on the back of my foam core boards so that they would serve a dual purpose. Color on one side and marble on the other.
Guys, this is such a fun and easy thing to do and it can easily be used to add new fun backdrops to your photo shoots. What are some ways that your are staying inspired through these winter months? xo. Samantha

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