December 1, 2015


I've been trying to get better at capturing our everyday moments. It's sometimes easy to let them pass me by. It's just the two of us and the everyday moments don't always seem too exciting. We have also made choices that lead to simple moments. We're working on paying off student loans, so for the most part we don't go out too often and we eat dinner at home all the time, ha! We also live in 325sqft., there's not to much to see. ;)

But, I'm challenging myself to capture those everyday moments. Most days, I wake up and make the bed. I get some laundry started and take a look at my planner to see what I have planned for the day and week. I'll take photos, while doing laundry. I'll work on writing posts and answering emails. I'll take a break and sweep the the floor maybe and then get back to work.
Those are my quiet everyday moments. Some days I'll take time to write letters and send cards. Some weeks I have lots of editing to get through and other weeks I have projects I'm working on. I've recently decided on a few projects that I'll be taking on, so hopefully those will fill most of my days.
On weekends, we do projects. As of late, Tyler has been working on finishing our wooden benches. A fe weekends ago he even cut down a few trees. We go grocery shopping together. He helps me plan out my hopes and dreams and we live our everyday simple moments together. He'll occasionally play country music, because it reminds him of me. And I'll make sure we eat really really good. Often times I don't always feel like I have much to say, because I'm an internal processor, but these are our everyday moments.
Use a tripod and be intentional. I have to intentionally set up the tripod and leave it out to remember to capture those everyday moments, especially if I want to be in the photos.

Take pictures of the things that feel mundane. I make our bed every morning and at first I never thought about taking pictures of that. But it's something I do every day and it tells a story, it may be a simple story, but it's a part of my story.

Always have your camera on hand. Both of our cameras are easy to get to and I can grab them at any moment to take photos. The photos I snapped of Tyler cutting wood happened on a whim. I stepped outside to check on him and I saw a beautiful story to be captured. The lighting was perfect too.

Share your moments
. It's the simple moments that really make us feel connected. It's the everyday moments that we all have, that we all share. Share those moments with us.
What do your everyday moments look like? What are things you can do to help you capture your everyday moments? xoxo! Samantha

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