November 4, 2015


I've really been wanting to create some pine cone garland. I really enjoy being able to create holiday decor with nature and things I already have on hand. I love not being completely tied down to keeping decor, because knowing me I won't, ha! Plus, decorating for Christmas at our house starts in November, when we celebrate my birthday, a tradition that started our first year of marriage.

Last week, when I was checking the mail I spied a handful of pine cones, picked them up and knew I had all I needed to start creating. This DIY is so easy and I would love to share it with you as well as a few tips for photography your DIY as well. :)
Pine cones (I used 4, you can use as many as you like)
Other decorative pieces to add variety
Hot Glue

METHOD : I used an even number of objects for the garland because I wanted to tie my twine at the top to secure it. I counted four twine pieces and made sure I had enough length to hang each object at different lengths. For the circular items of my garland, I tied knots in the garland and then secured it with hot glue. For items that had stems I wrapped the twine and secured it with hot glue. This DIY is super simple and those are my favorite kind, haha! Once I had each item attached I cut the excess twine. One more thing, while I was attaching each item I would lie each item next to each other to see how each would look hanging next to each other.

I have started many projects without remembering that I wanted to photograph them. That might sound like a no brainer, but sometimes I'll get into a project and won't think about taking photos, because I'm thinking about my DIY. Before you get started, get your tripod set up and get your camera on your tripod. When I'm shooting a DIY, I'll leave my camera on my tripod and take it off when I need it.

When photographing my DIYs I most often use white backdrops. I use white foam boards, which are super inexpensive and easy to store. There are tons of benefits to using white backdrops. One, they reflect the light, providing a better light situation. Two, they keep things clean and simple, making it easy to see the details of your project. And, last, they provide consistency in your imagery.

One of the easiest ways to show steps in a DIY is in the details. This DIY is rather simple so I knew it would be best showcased in the details of securing the objects to the twine. The is the most important part of the DIY and it is the most visually attractive step too. Remember to photograph the steps and capture those beautiful details.

Remember to snap that final photo of your finished DIY. My favorite photos are the details and it's so important for me to remember to capture a photo of the finished DIY that showcases it in the best light. I knew this garland would hang on our front door, but I knew I couldn't snap a photo from outside because we have a screen door that would take away from it. So I knew I had to open the door inside and snap it from the inside. Keep those little things in mind. :)
This is my favorite time of year to do creative DIY projects. I love creating decor for the holidays, it's so fun and heart warming. What are some of your favorite holiday DIYs? I would love to know so I can give them a try! xoxo! Samantha

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