November 27, 2015


Oh my gracious! The holidays are upon us! Happy Thanksgiving! It's technically shopping season isn't it. I can't believe it, whew. Mine and Tyler's shopping lists are usually rather small. Tyler's side of the family is really big so we draw names. And my side of the family is really small. It  makes shopping a little easier and easier on our budgets. Each year, I love putting together fun gifts guides and I decided to put together a gift guide for photographers!

1.)  FOTOSTRAP : I think Fotostraps make great gifts! They are customizable, great quality, comfortable, flexible, and the Fotostrap brand is also philanthropic. Win, win, right?

2.)  LEATHER HAND STRAP : If you're anything like me you may have a soft spot for camera hand straps. I'm all about a good solid Fotostrap, but I also love a good hand strap.

3.)  RUGGED HARD DRIVE : For all those amazing pictures you are taking. Small, rugged, and doing what any good hard drive does, keeps all those photos safe.

4.)  50MM LENS : You'll never look back once you switch from a stock lens to a 50mm lens. At an amazing price, you can't go wrong.

5.)  JOTOTES GRACIE CAMERA BAG : A good solid camera bag goes along way and as a photographer, most of your bags will turn into camera bags anyways. :)

6.)  GORILLA POD : Or any tripod really, but I love the versatility of these gorilla pods. How great is it that you can wrap these around anything, plus they are smaller then regular tripods and I think they would be perfect for on the go and day trips.

What are your shopping plans for this weekend? Are you primarily an online shopper? Do you love heading out for great deals? Do you have any photographers you're shopping for? xoxo! Samantha

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