November 25, 2015


I've been feeling a little uninspired lately. I feel as though I'm in a rather interesting season. There are some weeks and months that ideas are rolling out of me. There are some days I can't wait to pull my camera out and create. But as of late, I have felt uninspired and I've been okay with feeling uninspired too. On the days I'm uninspired to create for this space, I find joy in taking care of our home. I really am one of those people who finds joy in sweeping the floor and cleaning the bathroom. I have a thing for clean bathrooms.

So, I've been taking it slow, not rushing into anything or forcing myself to create, but simple just taking each day at a time. I used to feel a little bit of failure when I was uninspired and uninterested in creating, but this time around I've allowed it to come. I've allowed myself to relish in the uninspired and find joy in other things. I've been taking great joy in "one day at at time."

I don't know what tomorrow will hold, I don't know what glorious miracle God has in store, but I know He has one. I know He's working out His perfect plan and in the mean time I'll find peace in the glory of each day. xoxo! Samantha

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