November 13, 2015


I spent a lot of time thinking about this post. I wanted to honor Jesus in the words that I shared. I wanted to share something fun that we could do together without down playing what a beautiful time and season this is. I love Christmas, it's one of my favorite times of year, for so many reasons. For Tyler and I, it can be easy for this season to rush by us because every year since we've been married we have traveled over the holidays. I love traveling for the holidays because it means that we get to see our family. But, I wanted to make sure this season didn't' just pass us by, I wanted us to be intentional in what this season really means, and I wanted us to be able to create our own traditions.

I can't say enough good things about Naptime Diaries, they are such a bright shining light in this world. I love what they stand for, how they equip others to have scriptures all throughout their home and to stay focused on Jesus.

When they announced the release of this year's Advent Calendar, I knew I wanted to do something special. Advent is a sweet opportunity for us to slow down in a season that can get rather busy and prepare our hearts for Jesus. For Christians, Advent is a season of anticipation for the "coming" of Christ. Anticipation for his first coming, his birth, and his second coming, when he brings his children home.
This year for Advent I wanted to bring some of my favorite things together; Jesus, photography, tradition, and community. I wanted to focus on three things for this challenge. One, Jesus and the scriptures that prepare us for his coming. Two, creating your own traditions. Three, photographing your moments.

GRAB YOUR ADVENT CALENDAR : I'm using Naptime Diaries Advent Calendar, and you can too! Use discount code elahtree, for 15% off!! Order your calendar by Nov. 20th to receive it by Dec. 1st! Any Advent Calendar will work, so don't you worry, use one of your favorites. :)

HOW IT WORKS : What I love about this challenge is that it can be unique to each individual. The challenge comes in making sure you are taking at least one photo a day during the Advent season. I want you to slow down and experience this season with your loved ones. I prepared for this challenge by writing out a specific activity (on the back of our Advent calendar) that Tyler and I will participate in each day of Advent. Some of our activities include; drinking hot chocolate together, reading scripture together, watching the Santa Clause, going for a drive to see Christmas lights and many more.

Each day of Advent I'll take a photo that represents that particular day of Advent. Whether it's a photo of us doing our Advent activity or whether it's something else that Jesus has gifted me with that day, like the falling of snow. The photos don't have to be perfect. The challenge is to be present in the season and to photograph your memories.

JOIN THE COMMUNITY : Jesus made us to live in community together, and I would love us to share in this challenge together. You can share your photos on Instagram, on your blog, or keep them for yourself. Share your photos using the hashtags; #ElahTreeAdventChallenge, #NTDAdvent, #MakeRoomForAdvent. We can see Jesus glorified as we make time for him and our loved ones, and we can share that with the world!
Friends, I'm so excited for this season and this challenge! I think it's an amazing opportunity to really be present this season, to challenge ourselves in capturing our moments, to strengthen our photography skills, and to live in community together. Please let me know if you have any questions! I can't wait to see all your photos! xoxo! Samantha

P.S. Naptime Diaries just launched their Advent Website, Make Room for Advent! It's full of so many amazing things for Advent. They have teaching videos, decor ideas, community activities, and a connection page. Make sure to stop by and check it out today!

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