October 16, 2015


There was a time that I used to think bloggers just had drawers and shelves full of photo props. I just knew they must of had so many props that they only ever used for photos. I thought about this for myself and I started thinking about all the things I use as props in my photos. I do have a few things that are specific for photos, but I'm also a pretty intense minimalist and I'm not a fan of having drawers and shelves full of props. ;)
When I first started taking photos for my blog I simply had to make things work with what I had, so that meant I would use anything we had around the house. In the beginning, I didn't go out and buy anything specific to use as a props. I used vintage books we had, I would rummage through office supplies and pull out things that I thought were pretty. That is when I began getting comfortable using every day items and thinking differently about every day purchases too.

When you do your best to style photos every week, multiple times a week, you start to think differently. Specifically about items you're urchasing to decorate your home. Now, don't get me wrong. I don't set out to only buy decorative items that I think will work for styling blog photos. But I do look for items that I know will serve multiple purposes.

This has taken shape mostly in dishes I buy or stationary I purchase. I'm laughing a little bit at myself knowing that I have bought dishes because I thought they would look beautiful in photos, but it's true. When we bought dishes for our tiny house, I picked out ones that I knew would look great in photos. I didn't pick them out specifically for blog photos, but I did pick them out knowing that I wanted them to serve dual purposes. I didn't want to have dishes just for blog photos, because that just didn't make sense to me.

I also think about blog photos when I buy stationary or planners. Of course, I want these things to be cute, but I also think about them in regards to taking photos. I often think about how something will look in a photo when I purchase it, it's the photographer in me. :) 
When I was thinking about this post I sat at my desk and looked around our tiny little house and out of everything I saw there were only two things that I have purchased specifically for blog photos. Everything else are our everyday items and I often use the same ones over and over because they are my favorite. One thing I have bought specifically for blog photos is fake flowers. I wish I could have real flowers in my house all the time, but that's just not going to happen.

Every other prop I use in photos are decorations or every day items from around our home. We have a vintage fan that I use all the time. I have office accessories that I use, like sharpies, washi tape, and mini clothes pins.  I use vintage books, scarves, personal framed photos, other cameras, and even magazines that I've received in the mail.
Sometimes I wish that I had drawers and shelves full of photo probs. But I really love that I don't. I love that when I use our own everyday items that it personalizes each photo. Plus, I'm not really a "stuff" person, ha! Find encouragement in using your own every day items to style your photos. You don't have to go out and buy items just to style photos. Make use of what you have and have fun!

What are some of your own everyday items that you use for photo props? Have you ever bought something because you knew it would look great in a photo? 

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