September 2, 2015


LOCATION:  Pleasantville, NY
DETAILS:  Floral Print Top (similar)   ||  High Waisted Skirt (similar)   ||   Circle Necklace (similar)   ||   High Wedge Desert Boots  (similar)

Lighting is tricky and a little unpredictable, especially on a cloudy day when the clouds are rolling in and out. Wouldn't it be great if we could experience the perfect lighting every time we brought out our cameras. Tyler and I have recently been adjusting to doing photo shoots at or near our house. It's been rather tricky at hour house because everything is shaded and we don't actually experience the magic hour where we're located. Sad, I know. So we've been on the hunt for a great location the beams with light during the magic hour.

We ended up finding a perfect place right down the road that provides tons of different lighting situations during the magic hour, from back lighting to canopy lighting, and many more.
EXAMPLES (above) : Nikon D300S + 35L
ISO: 400, F-stop: 2.2, Shutter Speed 1/100

Look for variety in the type of lighting that is available. Is the area in a valley, where you will begin to lose the light? Are there tall buildings that block out magic hour light? Is it in an open field where the sun is too bright? The best locations have a variety of lighting situations. If you find an open field, that's great, but look to see if there a plenty of trees too. Are you shooting in cityscape with lots of buildings? Great, look for alley ways or open streets where the sun from the magic hour will flow in. 

Shade is so important for many reasons and you want to have available shade for your shoot. Shade will benefit you as a photographer and it will benefit your subject as well. If you're shooting backlit, the shade will give you a great place to stand to shield your lens from the sun, but still capture the magic hour beauty on your subject.  Shade also provides an opportunity to shoot in an "overcast" setting, giving you lots of variety in your photos. 

Natural filters add variety to your photos and make it easier on you when shooting. Trees are a great example of a natural filter, as they filter the sun, but still allow for dreamy light to flow through. Filters also keep the sun from streaming right into your lens, which you want to try to avoid.

Keep in mind that some places are considered private property. Even if a sign isn't posted a private location may not take kindly to you making yourself welcome. Keep this in mind when around new places.
EXAMPLES (above) : Nikon D300S + 55-300L
ISO: 400, F-stop: 5.6, Shutter Speed 1/80, Focal length: 110
EXAMPLES (above) : Nikon D300S + 35L
ISO: 400, F-stop: 2.2, Shutter Speed 1/400
EXAMPLES (above) : Nikon D300S + 55-300L
ISO: 400, F-stop: 5.6, Shutter Speed 1/50, Focal length: 155

Finding the perfect place to take photos can sometimes take a little work, especially when your trying to find a place that adds lots of variety and perfect lighting.  I do my best to find a few favorite places that offer all the things I'm looking for. I don't needs 50 different places, I just need a few that create magic.

Where have been some of your favorite places to take photos? What have been some of your favorite things about those places? 

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