September 1, 2015


Studying other people's work is maybe one of my favorite ways to learn photography. I pour over images and questions and thoughts fill my mind;  how did they do that? ... that's so beautiful.... wow, look at that lighting. Sometimes I can see patterns in photos, mostly in light. I'll notice how maybe an entire photo shoot was done on an over cast day. Or I'll notice how a shoot was done mid-day, but in the shade of the trees. When I see these things the wheels start spinning and I begin to feel inspired.

1. Kayla Barker : I was recently introduced to the work of Kayla Barker and oh my gracious, it's beautiful. She's a new favorite of mine so I haven't yet familiarized myself with all of her work, but the way she captures light, all ethereal, inspires me to want to do the same.

2. We Are The Parsons : I have been following the Parsons for years. They have been inspiring me from the beginning of my journey and for good reason. They tell amazing stories. They capture emotions and they give great purpose to there images. They are the founders of the Don't Give Up Project and in recent years have held a workshop for photographers that I had always dreamt of going too.

3. Ulmer Studios : Ulmer Studios is another one of those people who tell amazing stories. They capture moments right as they are, transporting you to the event, sharing with us the emotion and inspring me to do the same.

4. Natalie Franke : Natalie is also a new favorite of mine. What I appreciate most about her is everything she does on her site. She takes beautiful amazing photos, but she also shares lots of great information.

5. Jose Villa : Jose Villa was one of those photographers that I stumbled onto many years ago. I remember when I first looked at his work, my eyes fell out of my  head and I wondered if I would ever be that good. His work is absolutely beautiful and I want to capture color and light like he does.

As of now, those are a handful of my favorite photographers. I love how their different work inspires and challenges me. I look forward to finding more favorites along the way!

Who are some of your favorite photographers of the moment? Who is inspiring you lately?

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