September 16, 2015


How many of you bought a 50mm lens as your first lens? In general, I think it is the first lens people choose to buy. For the most part, I think we all spent a good long time with that stock lens that came with our first cameras, am I right? When we first put that 50mm on our cameras our eyes nearly fell out of our heads, because wowza, we didn't know our cameras could take such great photos, right?

It's true, the 50mm is a favorite among most. It's probably my favorite, with a close running with the 35mm. And it's a favorite for good reason. One can get a lot of miles out of the 50mm, because it's crazy versatile.

My photography journey started in portraits and they are probably one of my favorite things to shoot. And the 50mm is a solid portrait lens. The 50mm makes it so easy to capture your subjects, while capturing amazing light and amazing emotion. The 50mm makes it easy on you as it's a "normal" lens, meaning the view that it produces is natural, similar to seeing it with the human eye. The f1.8 makes it a great lens to create beautiful bokeh backgrounds in your portraits too.

Is it not the greatest feeling when you capture the details of nature or the details of your everyday? The details tell such a different story, and the 50mm is great at capturing those everyday details. With its capacity to create sharp images, one can capture the details and sharpness of the details they see. When I first started capturing details, it was for weddings. I only did a handful weddings in my photography journey and learned that they weren't for me, but my favorite thing about weddings is capturing the details. There are so many beautiful details at weddings.

The low light capabilities of the 50mm are so grand. With an aperture of f1.8 so much dreamy light is able to pass through the lens, making it possible to shoot in the dimming light of the day or when you're inside when light isn't as present. Outdoor low light shooting is always ideal because the light is natural. My all time favorite is shooting during camping season.

Guys, shooting landscapes has always been a challenge for me. A part of that is because a lot of landscape images we see are shot with a wide angle lens. But don't be discouraged, even though the 50mm isn't wide angle, it still provides you a great jumping off point to start shooting those landscape images. They won't be as wide and expansive as when shooting with a wide angle lens, but you'll still have an opportunity to create beautiful images.

The 50mm is perfect for on the go shooting. Because of its light weight nature and all the other versatile ways to shoot in, you'll be able to capture amazing images while on the go. One thing that you might run into is that if your shooting with a crop sensor camera verses a full frame camera, you're going to feel like things are really tight when taking photos. When shooting with a crop sensor camera, you'll simply have to take a few steps back. I'll be sharing more about the difference between crop sensor and full frame cameras in another post, so stay tuned. ;)

Are you ready to get outside and shoot to your hearts content? There are tons of ways to shoot with the 50mm lens and there are so many things to see and capture. What has been one of your favorite things to shoot with your 50mm lens? 

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