August 6, 2015


These last few weeks I have finally felt like I have been able to think about this space and goals. It's always so amazing how inspiring changes are. How it makes us think about where we currently are and were we want to be. We've done lots of moving, lots of purging, and lots of organizing and I have been wanting to translate that over into this space as well.

I've really been wanting to refocus my thoughts here and minimize everything I have going on. I've been having such a strong urge to want to simplify. I decided I needed to re-establish and refocus my goals. 

I've been thinking a lot about my content and I've been trying to work towards creating content that I'm able to give my very best.  I've cut back on the amount of times I post per week so I can really be building content that you guys can gain a lot from.

I want to get back on track with taking my skillshare classes.  I had been doing really well early this year and I'm looking forward to getting back on track.

I have a lot of hopes in regards to photography. I want to be doing more photo shoots and I'm hoping to get some new things in my shop. 

I want to connect with you guys. Not just here, but in person as well. I want to get some collaborations going and do lots of photo shoots. Have any collaborations in mind? Shoot me an email, I would love to hear from you!

So here's to getting organized, stepping out, and making changes.  I always appreciate the opportunity to really look at where things are at and think about how I can improve them. How are things coming along for you? Are you trying to get organized? Are you trying to re-establish goals? xoxo. Samantha

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