July 16, 2015


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Guys, let's talk tiny houses. I was actually pretty unaware that tiny houses were such a thing, until Tyler and I watched a tiny house documentary a few months ago. At that time we chatted about whether we would ever consider living in a place that small and considered the idea pretty fun. A lot of the tiny houses we learned about were tiny houses built on wheels. Some may say that a true tiny house isn't a tiny house unless it's on wheels. But I've seen lots of tiny houses as permanent structures and I still would consider them tiny.

In regards to size, a typical tiny house is 100sqft to 400sqft. While watching the tiny house documentary we even saw a few houses that were 500sqft, which they called tiny mansions. Tiny houses are built to optimize space and it seems that every sqft has been considered in design. One of my favorite things about tiny houses is that those that choose to live in them  have a minimalistic  lifestyle. And they can also be super cute, check out this tiny house, it's adorable. A lot of tiny houses I've seen have built-in lofts, which I think is the greatest idea ever and if you search for tiny houses online you will see some of the cutest little living spaces ever.

I get a sense that a lot of those who choose to live in tiny houses are tying to get away from the typical "busyness" of every day life. Tiny houses are more affordable in over all cost and require less maintenance. It takes me way less time to clean our tiny house simply because of it's size. I was looking over this tiny house infographic and I thought it was so fascinating that the overall family size is getting smaller in America, but houses are getting bigger. We, as Americans seem to be filling up those bigger houses with more and more stuff too. Do you think American society is gauging their success on all their stuff?

So what makes a tiny house a tiny house? If you ask me, I say square footage. And our tiny house fits right in at 325sqft. Tyler and I never actually thought we would be living in a tiny house, but here we are. What are your thoughts on tiny houses? Would you ever consider living in a tiny house? xoxo. Samantha

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