July 30, 2015


Our house is finally starting to feel like a home. Last week we went through all of our boxes, found places for everything and things this week are starting to feel very homey. We've spent a lot of time paring down our belongings and have narrowed down our favorites. We have started to hang photos on the walls and have been finding places for the favorite things we kept.

You know when you move into a new place and before you get settled in, it has an unfamiliar smell? Not a bad smell, but a smell that isn't yet home. We'll, our home is finally starting to smell like home and in the very best way. One of my favorite smells is from my lemon verbena Good Word Candle. Guys, this is the most amazing smelling candle ever. I'm serious, I want my house to always smell like lemon verbena. Even when the candle isn't burning I can small the lemon verbena and it always makes me smile. I also love the inspiring messages from Good Word Candles.

How do you make your house into a home? Remember to stop by Good Word Candles and pick out  your favorite designs and don't forget the lemon verbena smells amazzzzzzing! xoxo. Samantha

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