July 8, 2015


There are two directions I feel like you can go with camera accessories. One, would be accessories like bags, camera straps, and basically all the pretty things. Two, would be accessories, like flashes, diffusers, cleaning kits, memory cards, and extra batteries. Because I’m a fan of both we’re going to chat about both. Hurray!

The first accessories I started to gather when I began was the later of the two; flashes, diffusers, extra batteries, lenses, ect. The first few things I purchased after my camera was a flash, a diffuser and a tripod. When purchasing your accessories I think it’s all about preference. When I started shooting I wanted to be able to tackle indoor and outdoor weddings which meant I needed a good flash and a good diffuser. However, I haven’t used my flash or diffuser in years, even though it’s on my list of goals, ha!'

So when choosing your camera accessories really think about what kind of photographer you want to be and which settings you shoot in most. As of now I do all natural light photography. If I was just getting started and wanted to purchase accessories I would lean towards a tripod, extra batteries, extra memory cards, and a cleaning kit. Based on what I currently work on that would cover all of my needs.
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Now, lets chat about all the pretty things. I would have to say that camera straps are probably one of the first things people buy when picking out accessories. I actually have mixed emotions about costume camera straps. I have a foto strap which I love, I’m over the moon about it. However, I’ve noticed when the stock strap is on my camera it’s so much easier to store in my bag, but it’s not as comfortable. I guess, the best of both worlds would be to have a strap that looks super cute is comfortable, but also compact, ha!
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I would definitely recommend purchasing a solid camera bag. Again, everyone’s needs are different so really think about what you want out of your camera bag. We’ve gone through a handful of different bags. I’m partial to cross body bags, but I’ve learned that my gear is to heavy to carry cross body and I need a good solid backpack style bag. We’ve also learned over time that we prefer bags that we can take on hikes and day trips.

If you’re just getting started in photography really evaluate where you want to go with you photography and then determine what is important to you. No matter which direction you go accessories are expensive. Pick out the ones that will work best for you and your goals. My overall recommendation for those just getting started would be to first invest in a solid lens. Then pick up a few extra batteries and memory cards. And last, get a good solid camera bag. Take it from there and see how your photography and needs develop. What have been some of you favorite camera accessories? Xo. Samantha

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