June 1, 2015


Adventure is out there and Tyler and I are always ready to take it on. The more adventures we go on, the more we have learned that we need a solid hiking camera pack. We actually left our camera at home during our last hike and in the end we were glad we left it. The hike was pretty intense and with all the different climbing we did, we would have spent more time worring about our equipment then having a good time. We came away from that hike knowing that we definitely need something to keep our camera safe, as well as hold a few extra items.

We've hand a handful of different bags, but outdoor adventures are our favorite and we need something that will accommodate that. We're pretty protective of our camera equipment, so we wanted to find a pack that we could run around with. After that last hike I began my search for the best pack for our needs.  

1.) LOWEPRO PHOTO HATACHBACK : There are a few reasons why I thought this bag was super rad and would work great for us. First, it can hold a good amount of camera equipment. Second, there is enough room to hold a few extra items as well, such as snacks and water.   I also really like that the camera padding can be removed.

2.) THULE PERSPEKTIVE DAYPACK : One thing that I really thought was great about this bag was that it has side open zippers. There is quick and easy access to your gear. It also has lots of extra space for hiking needs. One of the last great things about this bag is you can easily attach a tripod.

3.) LOWEPRO FLIPSIDE SPORT : One of the main reasons for including this bag is it's size. It's smaller then the others and would work well if Tyler and I were both carry a pack. One pack for camera gear only and the other pack for snacks and water.

4.) VANGUARD ADAPTOR DAYPACK : This bag is very similar to the Thule daypack. They both have side open zippers and lots of extra room. One thing that makes this bag different is that it can either be a backpack or a sling back. This pack also has straps for a tripod.
Out of all these packs I think the Thule pack and the Lowepro hatchback are my favorite. The great thing about all four is that each come with a water resistant cover. Have you been searching for a hiking camera bag? What have been your top picks? xo. Samantha

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