June 10, 2015


I have been having so much fun chatting photography with all of you. I hope I've been providing you with lots of things that are helpful and that you are able to reflect on. Today, I wanted to chat about the important of shooting in manual and how it can benefit your photography. Something that I think people can forget sometimes is that photography is an art form and your camera is you paint brush.

When great artist create amazing paintings they don't do so automatically. They aren't able to push a button and have their painting finished and complete. They are thoughtful and in control of their paint brush. They know exactly how they want their brush stoke to fall on their canvas. They choose each color and apply each stroke to create their master piece.
When we shoot in auto we loose the artistry in our work. The camera is simply a tool which we use to create our painting. Shooting in manual gives you the control back to create you masterpiece.  Often times I'll see something I want to capture. I'll see it in my head or it will take me by surprise as I pass by it during a walk. Once I know that which I want to capture, it's my job, not the camera's to capture it.

Shooting in manual gives me that opportunity. I am able to control all aspects of the lighting, the focus, the composition, and all other aspects of my painting. When shooting in manual I check all my setting before I begin; ISO, F-stop, shutter speed, and white balance. Not everyone checks their white balance, especially if they are shooting in RAW. However, for me it's similar to deciding on what kind of canvas I'm choosing to paint on.
When I first started shooting in manual I felt like I was stumbling around in the dark and my camera manual become my best friend. I practiced a lot and sometimes felt sheepish because when I practiced with friends it took me a minute to get my settings right. I've shot in manual for so long now that I'm not able to shoot any other way. I don't trust my camera to create the picture I want because I'm the one reading the light and my subject. Are you in the process of learning to shoot manually? How has your photography changed since you began? xo. Samantha

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