June 25, 2015


I’ve always considered myself a bit of a minimalist. I’m sure on a scale from 1 to 10 I fall somewhere in the middle. We still appreciate movies, and books, and other fun things. However, for the most part, I’m not interested in keeping something unless it serves a purpose. I’m also not very sentimental, so I don’t often add any emotional attachment to our belongings.

Moving a lot has also probably inspired my minimalism. I moved a few times as a kid, and a good amount in high school and college. And since graduating from college I’ve moved 4 times and technically we’re now on move 5. Moving can really put into prospect the amount of stuff you have. Tyler has become accustomed to seeing me go through things and create a constant donation pile.
Tyler and I are about to move into our new space and it’s smaller then what we had in Burbank, so my desire for minimalism has increased even more. I’m constantly going through things in my head about what we really need and what is just taking up space. Our stay in corporate housing was another great experience in reinforcing our minimalism. We have lots of fun kitchen gadgets packed up in storage, but corporate housing didn’t offer as much so I had to get creative with what we did have. Talk about making cookie dough in a soup pot, ha!
In my personal experience one of the greatest benefits of minimalism has been decreased stress and simplicity. Tyler and I try to only keep items that we use on a regular bases, of course there are always exceptions, such has camping equipment, but for the most part we don’t have a lot of random items laying around the house. We have less to take care of and less to move.

The second greatest benefit of minimalism has probably been an appreciate for outdoor living. Because we don’t have a lot of stuff we look for enjoyable things to do outside, even if they are simple. We love taking walks, going on drives, and finding new adventures. Not being distracted by a house full of stuff has aided in our outdoor adventures.

The last greatest benefit of minimalism as been creativity. When you have less, you’re forced to be more creative with what you do have. I really enjoy having a minimalised closet. Having a closet busting at the seams makes getting ready overwhelming. I appreciate the opportunity to be creative with the items I do have.
I personally feel like there are too many stressors in today’s society. Focusing on minimalism helps me to remove some of the stressors and has been a great experience in learning how to do things differently. Do you have minimalistic tendency? xo. Samantha

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