June 22, 2015


We’ve been doing style photos for a few years now. I remember my very first “style” shoot. Oh goodness, I felt so uncomfortable. It had been a long time since I had been in front of the camera and I had no idea how to stand or pose. My first style shoot was in October of 2013, whew. Looking back at the photos reminds me of how uncomfortable I was. The photo shoot really wasn’t that bad, but Tyler and I both needed practice in figuring out what worked best for us.
The first six months were pretty rocky. We had started to develop a style that worked for us but we were definitely still learning. One thing I’ve noticed over time is that some photo shoots are just better then others. Some days we’ll have a great photo shoot and then a week later it may not be as good. That’s just life.
Something that Tyler and I established very early on was that we were going to try to do all of my style photo shoots during the magic hour. I think deciding this early on helped to create a consistent look for each shoot.
Something else that we decided was that we were going to try to take advantage of style shoots on the go. If we knew we were going to go somewhere that might be a great location for style photos we would plan to snap a few on the go. We’re a bit more relaxed during these photo shoots because we’re just grabbing shots on the move and we are a little bit more relaxed in regards to lighting. We can’t always have magic hour lighting on the go, but because we’ve decided to be open to style shoots on the go we have done some style shoots in some really fun places.
When Tyler and I first starting doing style shoots I had already been shooting for a few years and we were pretty comfortable with the camera. The thing that we really worked on was our rhythm and partnership. I think that is what brings out the best photos, finding a good rhythm together. When we first started I always wanted to check the photos during the photo shoot, so that I could check my poses. It was helpful for me to check the photos as we went along because I had to learn which poses I liked best as we were learning.
We’ve been doing style photo shoots for about a year and a half now and we’ve learned a lot in the processes. It’s encouraging to look back on our work and see how we’ve grown. I hope that I’ll look back a year from now see more changes and more growth. Do you do style photo shoots? How have your shoots changed from when you first got started? xo. Samantha

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