June 15, 2015


I've been keeping a secret from you. A lot has been happening in our world and a lot of changes have been taking place. I wanted to share all the news with you a few weeks ago... but ... long story short I couldn't, so I'm telling you now.

For those who may not know I'll start with a back story. We have recently moved to the New York/Connecticut area.  I say it that way because we live in New York and Tyler works in Connecticut. We moved from sunny SoCal in January and arrived for New England's first big snow. We came here as a project hire, that basically means Tyler would be working temporarily to finish a movie. He just wrapped up work on the new Peanuts movie. When we arrived, our hope was that Tyler would have the opportunity to be brought on full time. There was no promise but it was our prayer and something that we prayed for daily. We knew we would be here for at least 4 to 5 months regardless, so we settled into corporate housing.

In April (I think, the time line is a little foggy) Tyler's temp contract was extended until August. It wasn't full time but we were excited! With the extension we knew we would be here through the summer. In May, while I was visiting family in Missouri, Tyler was offered a FULL TIME job! Wahoo! He called me on a Wednesday evening and I cried. Since that phone call things have been a whirl wind. The week following my return was stressful and overwhelming. I immediately jumped into house hunting mode. We had two week to find something, whew.
I've been taking lots of deep breaths lately. While we are so excited about this next step and have been in awe of how Jesus has been working in our lives, it's still a little overwhelming. My first week back was rough. I had a lot going on in my head. I asked some dear friends for prayer and gave all my jumbled thoughts to Jesus.

So, here we are. We found a new place within a week, but it's not available until June 26th. Our stay in corporate housing ended yesterday, so for two weeks we are couch surfing with some friends. We are so grateful for how Jesus has provided for us. With all these changes and all the couch surfing, things might get a little quiet around here, but don't you worry, I'll be around. I have more updates in store and lots of things I'm really excited to share about it, including our new space. But I'm leaving that one a surprise. Thanks for sticking with me. xo. Samantha

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