June 23, 2015


At the end of last year, I spent a lot of time thinking about this year. A lot of bloggers pick a word for the year or outline goals for the whole year. Out of all the things I thought about I knew I wanted this year to be a year of learning. I had a feeling that we would encounter a lot of different changes and I wanted to be able to experience them gracefully. I wanted to experience them with a willingness to learn from them.

Not only did I want to learn from our experiences but I wanted to take time to learn myself. I wanted to really think about what my strengths were and I wanted to determine what crafts I wanted to continue to chase after. I didn't want to hustle simply for the sake of hustle. I wanted to slow down and develop my true passions. Last year I was ready to tackle everything under the sun without giving myself an opportunity to whole hearty learn one thing. A part of me wanted to learn everything. That experience was great as it lead me down a road to really see what I'm passionate about.
Through all the creative roads I've been down the one thing I always come back to is photography. Photography and the process of telling a story through photos is something I am incredibly passionate about. My first few years of photography were spent learning everything I could. However, in these last few years, I had devoted less time to learning and went into auto-pilot with my photography, only using knowledge I had already acquired and I had quite challenging myself.

I wanted to change that this year. I wanted to start challenging myself again in photography and I wanted to start learning more. The great thing about any creative craft is that there is always something new to learn. I decided to get my learning journey started again with Skillshare. Skillshare is an online learning community for creators. You can sign up and watch online classes and do projects on nearly any craft you can thing of.  I took my first class last year and started with a hand-lettering class. This year I dove in and signed up for 5 different photography related classes. I've finished two and I have three to go. With Skillshare, you pay for a monthly membership so as long as you have the time you can take as many classes as you would like.
One of my favorite things about these classes is that the classes aren't too long and they are easy to manage. All of the classes are done through video, so you can log on any time and spend some time learning. One of my favorite classes so far was only an hour and a half and I learned so much. How have you been challenging yourself lately? What are you passionate about that you want to learn more about? xo. Samantha

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