June 29, 2015


Do you want to know a secret? Social media really isn't my thing. I would be completely happy skipping the social media part of blogging. But one social media that speaks to my heart is instagram and it's all because of photography. Photos inspire me and it's through photography that I get to tell stories and see the stories of others.

I am often inspired and touched when others share their hearts and share with me their every day adventures. They inspire me to challenge myself and to see life differently through the lens.

Some of my favorite instagrams are those of adventure seekers. I've come to learn that my favorite adventurers are true blue photographers, taking amazing photos and sharing their journey with us. It's these photographers that inspire me to push myself.
@lillylalaloulou : Lilly takes you with her as she adventures through the country. I feel transported though her imagery as though I'm right there with her.

@forrestmankins  : I love photographers that take you with them and Forrest does. He captures amazing imagery; places I wish I could visit every weekend. From mountains to lakes, he'll take you there.

@tannerwendell : Tanner is by far one of my favorite adventure photographers, for one main reason. Tanner works with A21 Campaign to abolish slavery. He takes breath taking photos and uses his work to help others.

I love following along with others in their everyday lives as the tackle their dreams. From creatives, to bloggers, to moms. They share their lives with us, they share their vulnerabilities, and they share their stories.
@nataliecreates : I'm not sure how I stumbled onto Natalie's instagram, but I noticed over time I was constantly drawn into her stories. She blogs, she farms, and she runs an Etsy shop. She has also just recently adventured around Europe and I've been so swooning over her adventures.

@underthesycamore : Ashley's blog is one of the first blogs I found in blogland I have been reading ever since. I love her instagram just as much as her blog. She was a photographer before a blogger and she is an amazing story teller. I love how beautifully she captures her children in their every day adventures.

@danielleburkleo : Danielle's instagram is another one I stumbled onto. It's not like me to follow a lot of intagrams with kids, but she does a beautiful job telling her life story which includes her little ones.

@oakandoats : Beth does an amazing job sharing her everyday adventures. I always feel like I know what she is up to because she captures her everyday moments beautifully.

@megmcilvaine : Meg has a beautiful adventurous heart and she is always taking you with her on her adventures. From kayaking in Tennessee to climbing Colorado mountains.

@hopeengaged : Oh my gracious, Katie takes the most beautiful and colorful photos. I walk away from her photos searching for color to add to my photos. It's so inspiring how she captures so much color in her travels and everyday life.

@elsielarson : Elsie seems to be a household name in the blog world and for good reason. She's an amazing photographer, blogger, and business bombshell. I'm always inspired at how beautifully she captures her everyday moments, so full of color and life.

Photography will forever have my heart. Finding a place to challenge myself in photography and be inspired my others has been amazing. Who are some of your favorite intsagramers that inspire you? xo. Samantha

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