May 6, 2015


Shooting landscape has always been a challenge for me. I took quickly to shooting portraits, but landscape has always taken me longer to figure out. I'm currently in the process of learning how to shoot better landscapes. I think to be able to capture the beauty of the earth is amazing and I would love to fill our home with our own beautiful photos of landscape.

1.) SHOOT DURING THE MAGIC HOUR : Lighting really is everything and the magic hour is the perfect time to capture beautiful landscapes. The light is soft and warm. You can see the blue in the sky and the light falls on the earth creating lots of dimension.

2.) HIGH APERTURE (#), LOW ISO : When shooting landscape you want to capture everything in the photo. If you shoot at a lower aperture (2.8) your photo will come out soft. If you increase your aperture, making the number higher, you will capture more of the photo in focus, making it crisp and clear. A crisp and clear photo translates into a low ISO. You want to avoid any grain, so steer clear of adjusting your ISO higher.   TIPS FOR SHOOTING LANDSCAPE
3.) USE A TRIPOD : I used to have an aversion to using a tripod. For some odd reason I felt like it was constricting, but now it feels more second nature. The factors that make using a tripod so important; the light, your aperture, and your ISO. A high aperture number combined with a low ISO means your will also be left with a low shutter speed, depending on the light. And if your shooting during the magic hour the light will soon fall away. You tripod will make sure you can take crisp clear photos with all the correct settings.

4.) INCLUDE THE DETAILS : Capturing the details of landscape is actually what encouraged me to learn more about taking better landscapes. If your struggling with large expansive shots, start with the details, focus on the little things.
5.) CHANGE YOUR POINT OF VIEW : There are multiple ways to see something. Don't just see something at the same angle. Get up, walk around, and see how you can see or capture something differently. 

6.) BE ADVENTUROUS : The best shots are often the hardest to get. You'll have to hike the side of a mountain, walk through a creek, or crawl in the mud. Be prepared for an adventure when capturing landscape. Be ready to get dirty and get the shot you've always wanted.
7.) BE PATIENT : You don't always need a million shots. Sometimes you just need one and sometimes it takes sitting in the same place for an hour for the light to fall exactly were you want it. Be patient, try different things, and don't get discouraged.
Spend this week practicing shooting landscapes. It's doesn't have to be perfect, it's all about practicing and having lots of fun! 

Now we're on to this week's LENS REVOLUTION SHOWCASE, and I can't wait to see what you all came up with for this week's THE MAGIC HOUR challenge. This is an opportunity to share you work with other and find encouragement along the way. Stop by and check out others work and learn from them as well. The great thing about community is that we all have something different to offer.

Have any photography questions? Send them my way. xo. Samantha

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