May 14, 2015


There is so much that can be learned about photography. It's amazing how much knowledge one can acquire just from one craft. I've taken different photography classes, but I didn't go to school for photography. I part of me wishes I would have. Even though I didn't go to a photography school I can still take every opportunity to learn as much as I can about it and strengthen my own skills.

I've recently been going through Digital Nature Photography. I really wanted to work my way through this book because landscape and nature photography have always been a challenge for me. I was hoping this Digital Nature Photography would provide lots of practical knowledge to get me on the right track.  This book is jam packed with everything about nature photography. It breaks down the basics of shooting in manual, it covers lenses, composition, other gear that you might need, and the details to get the shot you want. This is not a quick read, this is a heavy hitting, learn photography book. And I love that about it. I love that I can soak up lots of knowledge and reference it as a guide as well.
I'm really grateful for being able to pursue photography. It is by far one of my favorite things and I love that Tyler enjoys it also. I also love that anything I learn I can share with him too. Digital Nature Photography is packed with so much great information, I'm sure it will continue to push me as I pursue this wonderful craft. Do you love learning? What is our favorite craft to learn? xo. Samantha

*I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review, all opinions are my own.*

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