May 15, 2015


1.) Have you ever been to the Met? Oh goodness, I think it is the largest museum I have ever been too. Wow. It's so beautiful, there are so many exhibits to see, you could spend all day there.

2.) We stopped at the cutest little diner. It was opened in 1928 and still has that same charm. It was so fun and the food was just as yummy.

3.) Oh my goodness, Central Park in the Spring is so pretty. Also, there are tulips all over the place in the city. I loved seeing all the mini boats in the pond.

4.) Baked doughnuts for days,  haha! Okay, baked doughnuts whenever I bake some and this week was banana bread doughnuts, too fun!

5.) Thursday seems to be the day I layout and soak up the sun. I picked up a cocoa butter sunscreen too, which was so nice.


My brain about exploded, can you believe it
These look crazy easy and so good. 
She be rockin her leather clutch.
Shorts and long sleeves, perfect for summer.
Summer skillets, so good.
Comfy and classy, oh you know.
The coolest thing EVER.

How was your week, friends? xo. Samantha

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