April 8, 2015


Hello there, dear picture makers! How are things going? How did you do with this week's lighting challenge? Doing light studies is so fun because I feel like I learn so much and I'm challenged so much all at the same time. I've had days where I've had to fight the light and other days were things went super smoothly.

This week we're going to be tackling tripod shooting. I've been asked a few times about whether I use a tripod and how often I use it. I probably use a tripod to do blog related photo shoots 40% of the time. I tend to use a tripod most often when I want to ensure I get the best lighting. Using a tripod allows me to use a lower shutter speed, without getting any ghosting or blurry images. I also use a tripod when I need to take photos that I'm supposed to be in, but Tyler's at work. "Selfie" style tripod shoots are the most challenging for me and require a lot of patience. I have to be extremely intentional when doing these kind of shoots because I have to be the photographer and model all in one. I've done many "selfie" style tripod shoots but only come away with a handful of images that I use.
Camera : Nikon D300s
Lens: 35 mm
F-Stop : 2.8
Shutter Speed : 1/160
ISO : 320
This week's challenges is to take "selfie" style tripod photos. This challenge is meant to get you behind and in front of the camera. For this challenge, you'll use everything you've learned in the previous challenges and bring them together to take your own photos. When planning your tripod photos think about what story you want your photos to tell. Think about what you really want to capture in your photos. For my photos I really wanted to focus on my hands and I wanted to tell a story of comfort and love.
"Selfie" style tripod photos can be a real challenge at times, but can really stretch us creativity. It forces us to be intentional behind and in front of the camera and it challenges us to tell our own stories.

Now we're on to this week's LENS REVOLUTION SHOWCASE, and I can't wait to see what you all came up with for this week's LIGHTING challenge. This is an opportunity to share you work with other and find encouragement along the way. Stop by and check out others work and learn from them as well. The great thing about community is that we all have something different to offer.

Have any photography questions? Send them my way. xo. Samantha

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