April 30, 2015


Something I've learned over time is that I do my best when I stay focused on Jesus. When I decide to dream a big dream and have faith in something that feels impossible it's easy to let doubt creep in and knock me down. Last year I started praying about Tyler's career. We had talked a lot about where he might go next in his career and near the beginning of 2014 I started to pray for where I believed we would be going. I believed we would be going to Connecticut and that Tyler would be working at Blue Sky. 

This dream felt impossible. I had no idea how it would happen or when it would happen, but I knew that I would be praying for it until it happened and I refused to give up. There were  times where I wondered if I was wrong, there were times that I felt like a fool. It was during those times that I clung to Jesus the tightest. That dream was like a fire that burned inside me, it wouldn't die out, so I continued to pray.
That journey of prayer taught me so much. It has taught me more then I could ever put into words. But one thing I do know is that if I believe in something and if I believe Jesus is capable of anything, then I can present those requests to Him and I can pray and pray that He sees them through.
Each of our journeys are shaped in different ways. But I think we're always given opportunities to step out in faith. I believe we're always given opportunities to believe in the impossible and sometimes we need a little help to get there. We weren't meant to tackle our dreams alone, we were made to live in community together, we were made to walk through these dreams together.


COMMUNITY : One of the greatest things about our journey and the many prayers I have prayed has been friends praying along side of me. I shared with friends our dreams that they came along side us and prayed for us. And when things started unfolding I called them and shared with them in our excitement. They were right there with us and I continue to share with them the new dreams I have. 

THE CIRCLE MAKER : Reading The Circle Maker changed the way I prayed. It helped me believe in impossible dreams. It helped me work past the doubt and simply trust in Jesus.

SHE READS TRUTH : Every morning I start my day with my Bible. She Reads Truth has been a wonderful resource for me in tackling scripture every day. And it's through this time that my faith in strengthened and I'm able to keep dreaming new dreams.

FAITH JOURNEY WORKBOOK : Since starting The Circle Maker I have continued to work through new dreams and spending time daily praying about those dreams. This Faith Journey Workbook, helps you start at the beginning and walks you through ways to connect with Jesus. It helps you outline your dreams while providing multiple opportunities to journal your progress.
My prayer journey has taught me that I am stronger then I ever thought I was. It's a strength that I have found in Jesus. It's faith in believing in the impossible. xo. Samantha

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