April 28, 2015


When I first started working out on a regular basis it was tough. There were some workouts that felt a little impossible. But I kept going and waiting for my body to condition. I knew that even if the workouts were hard, I knew that they were good for me and that the longer I stayed at it, the more conditioned I would became. I wasn't always interested in doing the workouts for myself and it was during those workout that I had to take the focus of myself.  During those hard workouts, I focused on Jesus, because if I wasn't willing to do the workout our for me, I knew I was willing to do it for Jesus.

"Getting back on track and getting out of my head." 

During our move I wasn't able to workout on a regular basis. I got off schedule and missed lots of workouts. I always keep track of where I'm at in my journey and I went a solid 2 and half months without working out on a regular basis. Whew, getting back on track was rough.

A part of getting back on track meant getting out of my head. I was spending too much time thinking about how I couldn't do it the same anymore or how I had lost conditioning. But one night as I was working out, it finally clicked and I was able to get out of the way of my body. I remembered, my body was fully capable of the workout I was trying to complete, I simply had to breath and let my body do the rest.  I quit thinking about whether or not I could do the workout and decided that my body already knew how. My body was already strong and I simply had to let it do the work.
Having that moment click, where I finally believed my body could do it, changed the way I thought about myself. I often question my abilities; whether I'm capable, smart enough, or strong enough. But believing my body could achieve something simply because I knew could, helped me believe the same thing about myself. I'm capable of achieving something, simply because I believe in myself. xo. Samantha

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