April 3, 2015


I can't believe it's already April. Although, I'm so grateful because I have been patiently waiting for Spring. Isn't Spring so lovely; flowers, sunshine, and spring clothes. It's the best!


1.) Workout, workout, workout : This goal is taking shape slowly and I'm totally okay with that. Six workouts a week is tough, but I know I've got it in me, and when I'm on track it's my favorite.

2.) Plan, think, do : I'm not actually sure if I sat down and wrote these down, but I do feel like I've have been moving in a direction that I love and that is encouraging. 

3.) Water, water, water : Yes! I've been drinking more water and I feel so much better!

4.) Photography Challenge : Done and done! Have you joined The Lens Revolution? I have been having so much fun with this photo challenge and it has been challenging me in so many new ways, whew.  


1.) Start 'Make It Happen' : I finally purchased Lara Casey's book, Make It Happen, but I have  yet to crack the cover, ha! This month I at least plan on reading a few chapters.

2.) Brainstorm photo content : Photography really is one of my favorite things ever. For a long time I have been wanting to create more photo related content but struggled in knowing how to share my knowledge. The Lens Revolution has really pushed me in new ways and I'm excited to brainstorm new ideas and my photography content.

3.) Date Nights : Tyler and I aren't always the best at date nights, oops. Tyler has started crunch at work which means he'll be working lots of over time. I do pretty well when he's busy, but if I'm not careful I end up feeling like we're not getting enough time together. So, I'm going to plan some purposeful date nights to help with the busyness.

4.) Workout : Health and fitness is a life long journey and because I'm still working on getting my routine down I'm keeping workouts high on my goal list.

What are your goals for this month, friends? xo. Samantha

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