March 26, 2015


What is sweeter then getting a surprise in the mail? Coming home, checking the mailbox, and finding an unexpected surprise. It could be a small surprise or a big surprise, but a surprise none-the-less. There is something special about receiving a little something from someone unexpectedly. Just their kind words that grace the inside of a card are a great gift and a sweet blessing.

Those little things can be really big things to the people that receive them. They echo sweet community and blessing. They reach out from somewhere far away and touch our hearts. I wanted a place to relish in that sweet community. A place to encourage sweet surprises. A place to lift others up and find inspiration. The Stationery Chronicles is that place.  It's a place to introduce you to sweet shops who are encouraging sweet community. A place for you to think about people you love and people you want to send sweet surprises to.
For today's Stationery Chronicles I wanted to highlight sweet items from A.P. Loves Design. A.P Loves Design is the perfect place to pick up fun and unique items and send them to your favorite people. There are so many cute cards and there is one for every occasion. I think unique cards say so much. They have a personal touch and feel unique to each friend. I love that at A.P. Loves Design you can pick out cards that remind you of dear friends. You can pick out cards that you know will make someone laugh. And you can pick out cards that support small business.
The Stationery Chronicles is more then just this space, it's about community. It's about you, me, friends and loved ones. It's an opportunity to send surprises, it's an opportunity to bless others, and share sweet words. Come along for #thestationerychronicles journey. Whenever you send sweet surprises or receive sweet surprises hashtage your photos using #thestationerychroncles. Let's build a community of givers, a community that blesses by giving. Don't forget to stop by A.P. Loves Design and receive 10% off your purchase! Use code ELAHCOUPON upon check out. xo. Samantha

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