March 23, 2015


I'm dropping in for a special Monday edition of #thelensrevolution, because photography is fun! And I've noticed some of you needed more explanation for the prompts so I am switching things up and sharing my photos with you before hand as examples of the homework! Wednesday, I'll be back to announce the second challenge and share examples. Wednesday will also be your opporunity to link-up for #thelensrevolution challenge showcase.

This first #thelensrevolution challenge is all about understanding aperture. I challenged everyone, including myself to find items that they could capture at 5 different aperture settings (1.8, 5.6, 7.1,11, 16 or 5.6, 7.1, 11, 16, 20.) It's easy to get stuck shooting in the same aperture over and over again, but learning the importance of changing your aperture and understanding how it can improve your images is fundamental.
For this challenge I shot these cuties at 6 different apertures 1.8, 5.6, 7.1, 11, 16, 20. I shot using our tripod so I could best demonstrate the differences in aperture. Lens used, 35mm.

F-stop :1.8
Shutter Speed : 1/500
ISO : 200

F-stop : 5.6
Shutter Speed : 1/80
ISO : 200
F-stop : 7.1
Shutter Speed : 1/40
ISO : 200

F-stop : 11
Shutter Speed : 1/25
ISO : 200
F-stop : 16
Shutter Speed : 1/14
ISO : 200

F-stop : 20
Shutter Speed : 1/6
ISO : 200

Understanding your aperture is two fold as it helps you understand your shutter speed as well. Primarily when we take photos we are directing the viewer to what we want them to see. It's our job to create art that draws the eye. Understanding aperture is the first step in creating your pieces of art. Study other peoples photography and really look at how they shot there image. You'll notice that different environments require different aperture settings. Shooting portraits will be different then shooting landscape. Keep practicing, keep learning, and keep developing your style and artistic eye. Have questions? Send them my way. xo. Samantha

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