March 2, 2015


One evening I was thinking about what an amazing gift it has been to minimalize our belongings and live in a more simplified state. There is something beautiful and freeing about not being weighed down by closets and rooms full of stuff. I was thinking about our old apartment. It was average size, two bedrooms and a few closets, but there was lots of stuff. Compared to others in may not have been that much. But there was stuff none-the-less and we were always trying to find ways to better organize and store our stuff.

I can't say that we are completely stuff free, we do have a small storage unite housing the few items we decided to keep. Most things like books, movies, kitchen items, and other odds and ends. But I'm grateful that when we return to that space, that will be all we have. Living where we live has provided an opportunity to experience simplified living. The only belongings we possess are items that fit in our car and with those few items we haven't seem to miss what is stored away.  Of course we have things like a bed, couch and every day items, but there aren't any extras.
With all these changes I chatted with friends about the benefits of a simplified life. There are lots and plenty more then this. I'm grateful for things being simplified.


1.) DECREASED STRESS : What is it about stuff that can increase our stress level? Is it the idea of simply taking care of more stuff or finding places for things to go? We don't need a lot of stuff. But we can definitely use less stress.

2.) LESS CLUTTER, LESS TO CLEAN : This was most apparent in the kitchen. We have far fewer dishes and kitchen gadgets. I have had to learn to cook with fewer pots and pans and any other cookie gadget you can think of. It's simple, less to clean and less to put away.

3.) GREATER GRATITUDE AND JOY : I am so grateful for the few items we do have and I'm grateful for the little things. When I'm not weighed down by all the stuff we have to take care of my heart if free. Free to cherish the little things, free to find joy and gratitude for all the things in life.

4.) MONEY SPENT ELSEWHERE : When you're not buying stuff and focusing on keep things simple you're able to spend money elsewhere. You're able to have experiences, bless others, send people ice cream ;) and plan for different things. 

5.) INCREASED FOCUS : Because I have such a minimalistic heart I'm able to focus so much better when things are simplified. My mind isn't constantly being distracted by stuff I need to take care of, organize, or put away.
Have you been simplifying your life? What are some of  your favorite things about simplifying? xo. Samantha

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