March 5, 2015


I'm so excited for March! Lots of fun things are happening this month and I finally feel like we are starting to settle in. It's so amazing how it takes so long after a move to feel settled and get things figured out. I hope with March comes a few more warmer days too.


1.) Go Slow : This definitely happened and it was nice and actually a little challenging too. I kept wanting to rush ahead, but Jesus kept remanding me to slow down.

2.) Re-Energizer : This one was exciting to accomplish because I finally felt like I started to generate ideas again. Yay!

3.) Re-Establish Routines : We are definitely still working on this. But this week, we officially started our P90X3 routine again. This is our favorite program and it totally kicks our butts. 

4.) Evaluate & Plan : I'm still working on this one, but I'm really glad about that. I want to really be able to take time evaluating this space. I don't want to rush ahead. I want to have a good feel for the goals I want to accomplish.

5.) Have Adventures : And more to come!


1.) Workout, workout, workout : When we stay on track with P90X3 we workout 6 days a week. It's tough sometimes, but we really love it and we feel so good! Since we are starting this month I want to stay on track and push through on hard days.

2.) Plan, think, do : I really believe this year is a year of learning and I really want to continue taking time to think about this space, while learning and challenging myself. 

3.) Water, water, water : Meg mentioned that she had a water drinking goal this month and I just loved that, so I decided I would add it to my list. I determined my drinking goal using this. Let's drink more water friends!

4.) Photography Challenge : Within any hobby, when we quite challenging ourselves we plateau. That is how I have been feeling in my photography. I have been moving forward, but not up. This month I'm brainstorming some fun photography challenges that I'll be sharing with you. 

What are your goals for this month, friends? I would love to hear them! xo. Samantha

P.S. Did you take yesterday's survey? I would make my day if you did. :)

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