March 4, 2015


Hi friends! So, Meg has been doing a series, Five Things You Don't Know About Me, and I love it! I think it's so fun and a great opportunity to share fun facts about each other and get to know each other more. So, I decided to join in and share five things about myself.

1.) I love fitness. 
You may already know this about me, but let's just make sure. ;) I love fitness. I have my off days where I'm not always super jazzed about doing a workout, but no matter what, once I get started I'm all in and I'm over the moon about it. Once I get into a routine and have a good groove, I'm like those super annoying 80's workout girls from info commercials who are overly excited about fitness.

2.) I am married to an animator. 
His name is Tyler and he's a pretty cool guy. He went to school for animation, completed his bachelor's degree in 22 months and the rest is history. Okay, not really. He has worked really really hard. He has had rough years and he work's in a really tough industry. But he believes in big dreams, just like me, and he trusted Jesus. We stepped into the animation industry knowing that it is our mission field.
3.) I grew up in Missouri. 
It's true. I'm a Midwest girl through and through and it will forever hold my heart. If I could I would always drive a truck, I did in high school, and it was the best. I wore cowgirl boots to my wedding, when I'm around my family I talk within an accent, and I know how to eat. 

4.) I used to draw all the time.
I started out drawing horses, all day every day. After that I moved on to all things Disney. I had a few "how to draw" Disney books and I spent afternoons drawing the Seven Dwarfs, meeko and flit, Pocahontas and Belle. Although my Pocahontas and Belle drawings were always faceless. I could never get there faces right.

5.) My childhood self wanted to be a teacher, an actress, a poet, and a fashion designer. 
Yep, that's right, not just one. I was up in the air about all of them, but I could never land on one. I got a really big kick out of taking those tests that would tell you what color you were and which profession you would be best at. Amazingly enough I never wanted to be an artist, even though I was drawing all the time. I even sketched out fashion design ideas.


Don't forget to share one thing I don't know about you! xo. Samantha

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