March 16, 2015


One thing that Tyler and I really love is making other people feel special or doing special things for them. One of my favorite things is learning people and finding out what their favorite things are so we can surprise them with it later. 

A few weeks ago I decided I wanted to make a special guest welcome bag for Meg when she arrived and since she was here this weekend I thought I would be so fun to share it today.  When we started gathering the goodies for this welcome bag it all started with Bath and Body. We were there picking up candles and that's when I decided to make a welcome bag. Because, you know, Bath and Body has those really cute travel size lotions and sprays.
After we had the Bath and Body goodies we picked up a fun size Jane Austen book from Barnes and Noble as well as a little Olaf Pop! So cute! I finished off the goodies by picking up some of Meg's favorite candy. No goodie bag is complete without some sweet treats.
I put all of the surprise goodies in a Bath and Body clear bag and sealed it with a red bow. It took a few times to get everything inside and still looking cute. Once it was finished I gushed at how cute it was and wished I had one for myself. ha!
We really love welcoming people into our home and creating welcome bags is such a great way to do it! Do you create welcome bags when you have visitors? What are your favorite ways to welcome people into your home? xo. Samantha

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