March 27, 2015


1.) It's officially Spring. It may not be warm yet, but I've been wishin' and hopin'.

2.) I'm ready to break out my Spring dresses. This one has been hanging off our door all week, ha!

3.) I received the sweetest snail mail and a fun surprise package this week! Sweet surprises are the best! I also shared #thestationerychronicles so we can all share our sweet surprises together.

4.) With the launch of #thelensrevolution I've been diving more and more into photography and I can't wait to dive into this book!

5.) We had a handful of rainy days and it was really quite lovely. I've missed rainy days and it has been nice to have so many.


These invisible book ends, so easy.
Adventure awaits.
I want to make these, just because they look pretty. ha!
All the caramel things, I'll take 'em. 
How cute is this dress? So cute!
Cookies are my jam, all the cookies all the time.
All the lemony goodness.
These cupcakes, goodness could I put any more sweets on this list, ha!

How was your week, friends? xo. Samantha 

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