March 13, 2015


1.) Our friend Drew loves taking pictures with us, can't you tell? :)

2.) This book is all over the place, right? Beth has been reading and encouraged Meg and I to pick up a copy. My came in the mail this week! Whoop!

3.) Guys, I love fitness and I love sweet treats, ha! Those go together so well, don't you think?

4.) The other day I told a friend that I don't usually  have deep thoughts to share on instagram, but I definitely have cheesy thoughts to share. This photo is a perfect example.

5.) Oh man! Meg got here last night and it's so exciting! I surprised her with this fun friend goodie bag! Tyler and I had so much fun picking out goodies for it.


This song, this guy. I just want to give him all the hugs.
All the puppies, be still my heart.
I'm all about the cookies all the time. 
Love this creative inspiration.
This fitness outfit, it's my jam. 
A little afternoon snack?
These photo book looks amazeballs! 

How was your week, friends? 

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