February 23, 2015


Taking care of my skin has sometimes been a challenge. I have extremely dry skin and it's also very sensitive.  If I find a good facial moisturizer it's a pretty big deal. I have tried a handful of moisturizer's and I have found that only a few work well for my sensitive dry skin. It's a little frustrating at times. Today I'm going to share some products that haven't worked that great for me and some products that have done wonders for me.

A few month's ago I got my hands on TULA skin care. I was extremely excited about trying it out. I wanted to give the experience a good 30 days and ended up putting it off because I kept running into things like travel and moving. So, at the beginning of February I decided it was a good time. I started using it every morning and evening with high hopes. When I started using Tula I had a few red blemishes and my hope was that Tula would start to clear it up and even out my skin tone. 
I had used Tula for only a few days when my face started to get worse, which was odd. It has been a long time since I had used a moisturizer that irritated my skin and caused it to break out. I decided to give it a few more days in hopes that things would change. Unfortunately, that was not the case and after 10 days I discontinued use. The only thing that I noticed that was good about my skin was that it did seam a little softer, but it definitely looked worse.
One of the BEST SENSITIVE SKINCARE products I have ever used and that I would recommend over and over is Physicians Formula Deep Wrinkle Corrector Day & Night Cream. I had never used it before and I hadn't really thought about using an aging cream, but my mom suggested I try it and it is by far the most amazing thing I have ever put on my face. It's light weight, soothing, and feels like I'm putting conditioner on my face.

The second BEST SENSITIVE SKINCARE product is Eucerin Original Healing Soothing Repair Cream and lotion. No matter what moisturizer I use as a base for my face I have never been able to not use a Eucerin cream. My face is overall dry and sensitive. This past weekend I even ran out of my Eucerin cream and went three days without it. It was the worst. My skin was dry, flaky and it even hurt. I'm sure that the cold dry weather is throwing my skin through the ringer so it's probably worse then normal. The Eucerin cream is a heavy moisture and is the only thing that provides me any relief.
Physicians Formula and Eucerin have been two of the best sensitive skincare products I have ever used on my face. They keep my skin well moisturized and clear. Physicians Formula is a little pricey at least for me, but the Eucerin cream is super affordable. Do you have dry sensitive skin? What products have worked best for you? xo. Samantha

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