February 25, 2015


Staying healthy and on track in my 'get fit' journey as been a challenge in these winter months. Since moving we have struggled at getting back into our workout routine and I'm also still trying to get us back into our healthy eating habits. Even though things have been a challenge and sometimes I get discouraged I remind myself of grace. My journey of health is just that, a journey. It's a life style change and it happens over time. I want it to become a purposeful part of my life and I want to be able to continue it for years and years.

1.) GRACE : Give yourself grace. I would probably be more grumpy about working out if every time I missed one I was beating myself up. Know that there will be off days and know that you need grace. Wake up every morning knowing that each day is a new day to succeed. It's a new day to get healthy. 

2.) TAKE THE STAIRS : The concept of taking the stairs is probably one of my favorite ideas ever. Probably because for me it turned out to be a  no brainer. We live on the third floor. Anytime I need something on the main floor I can either can take the stairs or the elevator. Taking the stairs is a must for me in making my healthy decisions.

3.) SLEEP, SLEEP, AND MORE SLEEP : Friends, when I don't get enough sleep I make up for it by eating everything insight. I'm totally not kidding. In order for me to function during days with a lack of sleep I have to eat. When I miss out on sleep I'm also super sluggish and less interested in working out. P.S. the more sleep you get the happy your metabolism is.
4.) WATER, ALL THE WATER : I don't know why, but when I'm cold I don't drink as much water. Not cool, cold weather, not cool. I have had to make more of a conscious effort to drink more water then when I do in warmer months.

5.) CREATE A HEALTHY MENU : This one is huge for us. If I don't outline healthy options in our menu, then we simply don't eat healthy. It's hard sometimes, because I'm just not interested in cooking. But If I put healthy meals on our menu, then that is what I shop for and when it comes to cooking then I'm cooking healthy meals. 
Are you working on your own 'get fit' journey? Sometimes it can be so hard, right? On days or weeks that things feel hard I remember how I felt when I was making progress. I remember how it felt to feel healthy and energized, then I give my self a pep talk and get to movin'. xo. Samantha

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