February 4, 2015


Last week was our first week here. It was our first week in our new home. There was one day that I was thinking about how hard things had been in LA and I was thinking about where we are now.  I've never really talked about how certain things were hard on me, because really they are hard to explain. And we really did have a wonderful time and wonderful experiences, but there were somethings that were hard.

Before we left LA I told a friend that I had never lived in a place that I felt took so much from me. What I mean by that is I felt like I was constantly giving of myself. I felt like I was constantly pouring myself out and everyday I went to Jesus knowing He was the only one that could fill me up. That is really hard and I don't like to share it with many, I've only shared it with a few. And I'm not actually going to share a lot today, because our time in LA was incredibly important. The time we shared with friends was precious and we valued the time we shared with people. Even though it was hard I believe 100% that Jesus was using us.
Last week I sat in our apartment. The snow was falling quietly and everything was still. I knew no one would be calling and no one would be knocking. It was in those quiet moments that I felt like Jesus told me that this is a time of healing and rest. We are very blessed by our current living situation because lots of things are taken care of for us. There are several services offered to us; twice a week our apartment gets cleaned, someone will pick up and deliver our groceries if requested, breakfast everyday, and dinner four nights a week. There is even a shuttle service! My intentions in sharing these inessentials are not meant in a boastful tone because we are humbled by how God has worked in our lives to provide in the big things and in the details.
We were out to dinner with a friend and I was talking about a few of my experiences and as I shared them the emotion started to well up inside and I knew I probably still needed some healing from those experiences. I believe we have the opportunity to experience healing and rest here. An opportunity to be renewed. xo. Samantha

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