February 2, 2015


It's already February. Tyler and I have moved across the country and are beginning to settle into our new home. The year is still new and we've only just started. I have no idea what each day will hold or what will come within the next few months. But we're here, we're taking it in and we're grateful for the experience. The last two month's really have been a whirlwind. Between traveling home for the holidays and then moving, it has been nice to see things slow down.


1.) Focus on Jesus : Things were overwhelming and tiring in January. We know that Jesus had this move for us and we stayed steadily focused on Him.

2.) Stay Relaxed : Aside from being tired I was surprised how relaxed I was. Jesus gave me so much peace about the changes we were going through. I'm usually pretty hard on myself, but I expereinced so much grace through this experience.

3.) Make Memories : This one was a little hard at times because it was stressful and overwhelming, but we did make lots of memories and we took tons of pictures too.

4.) Move all the things : Done and done. And I feel so good about it. It's an amazing feeling to own so few items.

5.) Have Quiet Moments with Tyler : This was tough because we were so busy, but we did it. I mean, multiple days of 12 plus hours in a car totally counts. :)


1.) Go Slow : With everything that has happened last month I'm ready to slow down.

2.) Re-Energizer : Lots of planning and scheduling happens prior to the new year because of all the traveling we do and lots of moving happened last month. My creativity is pretty zapped. I want to take this time to simply re-energize.

3.) Re-Establish Routines : Between the holidays and then moving our routines are pretty off. I'm really looking forward to re-establishing those routines, especially in the workout department. Let's get our fit on! #fitisthenewblack

4.) Evaluate & Plan : I want to spend some time evaluating where Elah Tree is at and really think about where I want to take this space for this new year. I've already worked on this a little bit, but I want to really get a feel for the content I want to create. 

5.) Have Adventures : Everything is new and with new things come adventures. We have so much to learn in this new place and we're ready for some adventures.

What are your goals for this month, friends? Has Jesus shared anything with you that He wants you to work on? Do you have any goals that need prayer? I would love to encourage you through them. xo. Samantha

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