February 19, 2015


I used to be a gymnast, a very very long time ago. My 5 year old self was a gymnast.  It was by far my favorite sport. I used to dream of being an Olympic Gymnast. Challenging my body as a child didn't really feel like a challenge, it was more about learning the moves. I never questioned whether or not I was capable of doing the specif move I was working on.
As I have become older those child like beliefs have slipped away. I question whether I'm capable, whether or not I still have it in me. I noticed this specifically when I started doing handstands again. Is that random? Is is random that I'm doing handstands? My goal is to be able to do handstand push ups. When I started practicing again, before I even got in the handstand I questioned my body. I questioned my arms and my strength. I questioned whether or not I had the balance anymore. I remember standing their questioning my own body and then I remembered how it was to be a child again.

As children we dive right into adventures. We climb trees, we jump over rocks, we fall and skin our knees. But as we get older we start to get stuck in our heads, we start to analyze  every small detail, we start to question ourselves.
As I stood ready to do a handstand I decided it was time for a change. It was time to stop questioning myself and my body and it was time to start believing again. It was time to have confidence in myself and my body. It was time to start believing like a child again and embracing those skinned knees and bruised elbows. Whatever adventure we choose to embrace, we don't have to get it right, we don't have to get it perfect. We simply have to try, we simply have to be willing to do a little falling along the way. Let's start believing like children again. Are you in? xo. Samantha

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