February 27, 2015


1.) We had a pretty quiet weekend. Tyler has still been recovering from his cold so we spent a lot of time resting. We ran a few errands, spent some time with friends, and had lots of couch time.

2.) I could probably spend most days in leggings and sweatshirts. I did manager to put together a few fun outfits this week though, which was fun. #wardrobeshakedown is coming together.

3.) I made some Walt Disney inspired chili this week. It was so good and so perfect for this cold weather. Hoping to share it sometime soon.

4.) We took some pictures in the snow this week and I went on a hot date with my favorite guy. Two good things in my book, if you ask me.

5.) I spent one of my mornings reading more of The Circle Maker. It has been one of my favorite books and I couldn't recommend it enough. It has changed the way I pray and inspired me to continue to dream big dreams.


I want to make these right now and eat them all weekend. 
Loved seeing a culmination of two different #TriStyleCo challenges!
Does it get any better then Circus Animal cookies? I think not. 
Love these photo food prep tips.
Choosing to live in the right now. 
It's cold season, let's help a friend out.
Because heels and stocking caps go together. forever.

How was your week, friends?

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