February 13, 2015


1.) The celebrating continued for Tyler's birthday this past weekend. We spent an afternoon shopping and ate lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. It's was so lovely and the food was delicious.

2.) I think I could eat all the desserts all the time. How about you?

3.) Sweet snail mail came this week and it was so fun! I love getting packages in the mail.

4.) We had a good friend over for dinner this week. We ate lots of food, lots of cookies, and played lots of games. Friends are the best.

5.) I worked on a washi tape project this week! Wahoo! Washi tape is a girls best friend when it comes to living in a temporary space.


These Valentine's Day sweet treats are adorable. 
Let's try this homemade granola
Thinking about giving hand lettering a try? 
The importance of simplicity and how to get it done.
Let Taylor Swift help you shake off your wedding planning. 
Decorate your walls with these beautiful prints.
Love these words, shared from the heart, on an important topic. 

How was your week, friends?

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