February 27, 2015


1.) We had a pretty quiet weekend. Tyler has still been recovering from his cold so we spent a lot of time resting. We ran a few errands, spent some time with friends, and had lots of couch time.

2.) I could probably spend most days in leggings and sweatshirts. I did manager to put together a few fun outfits this week though, which was fun. #wardrobeshakedown is coming together.

3.) I made some Walt Disney inspired chili this week. It was so good and so perfect for this cold weather. Hoping to share it sometime soon.

4.) We took some pictures in the snow this week and I went on a hot date with my favorite guy. Two good things in my book, if you ask me.

5.) I spent one of my mornings reading more of The Circle Maker. It has been one of my favorite books and I couldn't recommend it enough. It has changed the way I pray and inspired me to continue to dream big dreams.


I want to make these right now and eat them all weekend. 
Loved seeing a culmination of two different #TriStyleCo challenges!
Does it get any better then Circus Animal cookies? I think not. 
Love these photo food prep tips.
Choosing to live in the right now. 
It's cold season, let's help a friend out.
Because heels and stocking caps go together. forever.

How was your week, friends?

February 25, 2015


Staying healthy and on track in my 'get fit' journey as been a challenge in these winter months. Since moving we have struggled at getting back into our workout routine and I'm also still trying to get us back into our healthy eating habits. Even though things have been a challenge and sometimes I get discouraged I remind myself of grace. My journey of health is just that, a journey. It's a life style change and it happens over time. I want it to become a purposeful part of my life and I want to be able to continue it for years and years.

1.) GRACE : Give yourself grace. I would probably be more grumpy about working out if every time I missed one I was beating myself up. Know that there will be off days and know that you need grace. Wake up every morning knowing that each day is a new day to succeed. It's a new day to get healthy. 

2.) TAKE THE STAIRS : The concept of taking the stairs is probably one of my favorite ideas ever. Probably because for me it turned out to be a  no brainer. We live on the third floor. Anytime I need something on the main floor I can either can take the stairs or the elevator. Taking the stairs is a must for me in making my healthy decisions.

3.) SLEEP, SLEEP, AND MORE SLEEP : Friends, when I don't get enough sleep I make up for it by eating everything insight. I'm totally not kidding. In order for me to function during days with a lack of sleep I have to eat. When I miss out on sleep I'm also super sluggish and less interested in working out. P.S. the more sleep you get the happy your metabolism is.
4.) WATER, ALL THE WATER : I don't know why, but when I'm cold I don't drink as much water. Not cool, cold weather, not cool. I have had to make more of a conscious effort to drink more water then when I do in warmer months.

5.) CREATE A HEALTHY MENU : This one is huge for us. If I don't outline healthy options in our menu, then we simply don't eat healthy. It's hard sometimes, because I'm just not interested in cooking. But If I put healthy meals on our menu, then that is what I shop for and when it comes to cooking then I'm cooking healthy meals. 
Are you working on your own 'get fit' journey? Sometimes it can be so hard, right? On days or weeks that things feel hard I remember how I felt when I was making progress. I remember how it felt to feel healthy and energized, then I give my self a pep talk and get to movin'. xo. Samantha

February 23, 2015


Taking care of my skin has sometimes been a challenge. I have extremely dry skin and it's also very sensitive.  If I find a good facial moisturizer it's a pretty big deal. I have tried a handful of moisturizer's and I have found that only a few work well for my sensitive dry skin. It's a little frustrating at times. Today I'm going to share some products that haven't worked that great for me and some products that have done wonders for me.

A few month's ago I got my hands on TULA skin care. I was extremely excited about trying it out. I wanted to give the experience a good 30 days and ended up putting it off because I kept running into things like travel and moving. So, at the beginning of February I decided it was a good time. I started using it every morning and evening with high hopes. When I started using Tula I had a few red blemishes and my hope was that Tula would start to clear it up and even out my skin tone. 
I had used Tula for only a few days when my face started to get worse, which was odd. It has been a long time since I had used a moisturizer that irritated my skin and caused it to break out. I decided to give it a few more days in hopes that things would change. Unfortunately, that was not the case and after 10 days I discontinued use. The only thing that I noticed that was good about my skin was that it did seam a little softer, but it definitely looked worse.
One of the BEST SENSITIVE SKINCARE products I have ever used and that I would recommend over and over is Physicians Formula Deep Wrinkle Corrector Day & Night Cream. I had never used it before and I hadn't really thought about using an aging cream, but my mom suggested I try it and it is by far the most amazing thing I have ever put on my face. It's light weight, soothing, and feels like I'm putting conditioner on my face.

The second BEST SENSITIVE SKINCARE product is Eucerin Original Healing Soothing Repair Cream and lotion. No matter what moisturizer I use as a base for my face I have never been able to not use a Eucerin cream. My face is overall dry and sensitive. This past weekend I even ran out of my Eucerin cream and went three days without it. It was the worst. My skin was dry, flaky and it even hurt. I'm sure that the cold dry weather is throwing my skin through the ringer so it's probably worse then normal. The Eucerin cream is a heavy moisture and is the only thing that provides me any relief.
Physicians Formula and Eucerin have been two of the best sensitive skincare products I have ever used on my face. They keep my skin well moisturized and clear. Physicians Formula is a little pricey at least for me, but the Eucerin cream is super affordable. Do you have dry sensitive skin? What products have worked best for you? xo. Samantha

February 20, 2015


1.) We're not huge Valentine's Day celebrators, but I did ask Tyler to take me to a chocolate shop so I could buy some chocolate. So romantic, right?

2.) We did start something really fun this year though, which was surprising our single friends with Valentine's goodies. I decided this year that Valentine's day was going to be about celebrating all relationships and Tyler and I had so much fun doing things together for others.

3.) One of my goals this month was to try to get back into the groove of a routine. It's slowly coming together, especially my quiet time routine. I'm still trying to get back into my work out routine, but I'll get there.

4.) This week I started #wardrobeshakedown and I've been working on pairing and style my closet so it works better for me.

5.) It was a pretty quite week. Tyler was sick at home and we spent a lot of time resting.

How amazing is this DIY nursery art? So Cute.
Cinnamon rolls, anyone?
Making simplicity count.
How do you stay warm on cold winter days?
Are you ready for a photography challenge?

How was your week friends?

- This post about wedding planners is near and dear to my heart as a person with this occupation.
- These tea towels are on my wishlist right now.
- As soon as we purchase a home, I want to do this DIY to the kitchen with my husband (I also love how bright everything in this space is.)
- Oh how I wish this sweater wasn't so expensive.
- This book is next on my to read list!

February 19, 2015


I used to be a gymnast, a very very long time ago. My 5 year old self was a gymnast.  It was by far my favorite sport. I used to dream of being an Olympic Gymnast. Challenging my body as a child didn't really feel like a challenge, it was more about learning the moves. I never questioned whether or not I was capable of doing the specif move I was working on.
As I have become older those child like beliefs have slipped away. I question whether I'm capable, whether or not I still have it in me. I noticed this specifically when I started doing handstands again. Is that random? Is is random that I'm doing handstands? My goal is to be able to do handstand push ups. When I started practicing again, before I even got in the handstand I questioned my body. I questioned my arms and my strength. I questioned whether or not I had the balance anymore. I remember standing their questioning my own body and then I remembered how it was to be a child again.

As children we dive right into adventures. We climb trees, we jump over rocks, we fall and skin our knees. But as we get older we start to get stuck in our heads, we start to analyze  every small detail, we start to question ourselves.
As I stood ready to do a handstand I decided it was time for a change. It was time to stop questioning myself and my body and it was time to start believing again. It was time to have confidence in myself and my body. It was time to start believing like a child again and embracing those skinned knees and bruised elbows. Whatever adventure we choose to embrace, we don't have to get it right, we don't have to get it perfect. We simply have to try, we simply have to be willing to do a little falling along the way. Let's start believing like children again. Are you in? xo. Samantha

February 16, 2015


I am a big fan of art, big and small. I am also a fan of snail mail. When Tyler and I were packing for our move I put all of the snail mail I had received in my office box. I also put a few decorative prints in my binder. I had no idea what I was going to do with these things, but I knew I wanted them with us. I knew I wanted to use them to make our new place feel like home.

Last week I kept starring at a wall, it was empty and it needed some love. The longer I stared at the wall the more I knew what I wanted to do with it. I wanted to create gallery wall with our favorite postcards, with snail mail full of words of love, and with some of  our favorite decorative prints. Because we're staying in Hyatt House I knew anything I attached to the walls needed to go on temporarily and what would be more perfect then washi tape.
When creating a gallery wall the first thing to do is layout all the pieces you want to include and choose your favorite configuration. This can be hard and tricky, but the best part is that you can try anything you can think of. I usually go through multiple tries. Usually when I'm close to the end I have a few more pieces that I have to work in and that is the hardest part.
I trimmed all of the snail mail that I wanted to include and used the front of the card and the inside of the card. Including the inside of the card was my favorite. I loved having sweet words from friends on my walls.
Once I decided on my gallery configuration I took some measurements to center it on the wall and then I started attaching each picture with washi tape. The great thing about washi tape is that even if you get started and don't like it you can start over.
This has been such a fun project for me to work on. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to work on any home decor projects since our space is temporary, but I'm so excited that I'm finding ways to decorate in fun and temporary ways. xo. Samantha

February 13, 2015


1.) The celebrating continued for Tyler's birthday this past weekend. We spent an afternoon shopping and ate lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. It's was so lovely and the food was delicious.

2.) I think I could eat all the desserts all the time. How about you?

3.) Sweet snail mail came this week and it was so fun! I love getting packages in the mail.

4.) We had a good friend over for dinner this week. We ate lots of food, lots of cookies, and played lots of games. Friends are the best.

5.) I worked on a washi tape project this week! Wahoo! Washi tape is a girls best friend when it comes to living in a temporary space.


These Valentine's Day sweet treats are adorable. 
Let's try this homemade granola
Thinking about giving hand lettering a try? 
The importance of simplicity and how to get it done.
Let Taylor Swift help you shake off your wedding planning. 
Decorate your walls with these beautiful prints.
Love these words, shared from the heart, on an important topic. 

How was your week, friends?

February 12, 2015


This has been by far one of my favorite books. It is full of so much inspiration, beautiful photos, and lots of decorating encouragement. One of my favorite things is that they provide so many amazing projects that it would be so easy to give one a try and put your own spin on it. I packed up this book knowing that I would be including it in this months' giveaway and then I remembered that I packed my own personal copy in storage. Ha! ;)

I can't wait for whatever our journey holds next so that I gain lots of inspiration from this book. I'm so excited to be sharing it with you. If you need any more persuasion that you need this book you can check out my review, I'm over the moon about this book!
Happy Thursday! xo. Samantha

February 11, 2015


I love sitting across from people, over plates of food and long conversations. That's where connections are made, that's where community is built. We have been given amazing gifts with each relationship we have. We are given an opportunity to learn. To learn about ourselves and to learn about others. Relationships stretch us and they challenge us.

The older I get the more I cherish the relationships that we have. I hold a special place in my heart for everyone we build relationships with. They have encouraged me and challenged me. I was thinking about how relationships take time. Not just time to build, but time to maintain. Our time is precious to us, but what a great gift it is to give our time and give of ourselves.

Building community and building relationships hasn't always been easy. There were times when I was closed off and distant, fearful of the pain that might occur because of relationships. But overtime I met people who poured into my life. I met people who loved me through my struggles and stubbornness. It was through their love for me that taught me to be a better friend. They taught me how to build better relationships. They taught me the importance of community.
The sweetest moments in life are rooted in relationships. We were made to cherish one another, we were made to be in community together. It may take work, it may hurt and leave us feeling wrecked. But it's worth every moment, it's worth every tear, it's worth every smile. xo. Samantha

February 10, 2015


Tyler and I sat having dinner with a friend and we started talking about prayer and dreams. I shared a lot about my prayer journey. More then I ever had before and one thing that I said that sticks out to me was this; I believe that Jesus uses me as a vessel in Tyler's career.

What does that mean? It means that I wholeheartedly believe that Tyler's industry is our mission field. It's not just his mission field, it's our mission field and I believe that our relationship as a team is used by Jesus to touch and reach others. I have come to love the different people we meet and I have had amazing opportunities to connect with them more easily.
Wherever Tyler is working I know that I am supposed to connect with his team members. I know I'm supposed to encourage Tyler to ask them over for dinner. I know that I'm supposed to send cookies to work. I know that it's those small things that opens heart and open doors.
I have never had anything burn inside me like the passion I have for working with Tyler to reach out to those in his industry. We love with the little things. We love with baked cookies. We love with dinner invites. We love with smiles and open hearts. How do you embrace your mission field?  xo. Samantha
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