January 5, 2015


The very first item that I got that was made out of really nice leather were my cowgirl boots and my very first thought was, "Oh, goodness, how will I keep these leather boots looking nice and lasting  forever?" Isn't it great how leather items last so long. I had never had leather cowgirl boots before so I asked a friend and they suggested saddle soap. Easy enough, right? I was pleased and so ecstatic when saddle soap did the trick and taking care of my leather boots as well as my other leather accessories was so easy.
Using saddle soap to care for you leather accessories is so easy. First remove any access dirt from the item with damp cloth. Second, rub surface with saddle soap with moist cloth. Wipe off any excess lather with damp cloth. Last, once the leather is dry, buff with soft cloth to develop shine.
I'm so glad that taking care of my  leather accessories is so easy and I'm so glad that it will give them a good long life. How do you care for you leather accessories? xo. Samantha

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