January 21, 2015


This Saturday we will arrive at our new home and I couldn't be more excited. Last week was overwhelming and this week brings us our new home. Something that is a little different about this move is that our housing is provided for per Tyler's contract. Long story short, he is contracted to finish a specific movie so the studio provides housing. This is our first experience with something like this and it's really exciting. 
Last week we spent a lot of time determining what we would actually be taking with us to the East Coast. The items that we packed in our trailer are going into storage so everything we are taking to the East Coast all had to fit in our car. So, you know, clothes, everyday hygiene, stuff like that. I really had to think about what other items I may need or want to take with us. Items that I knew were  a must were office items and our computer, of course. I decided to create a small office box which would include office related items that I used most. I then created a home organization binder. I took my blog binder and added a handful of tabs in the front that were all related to home organization. It has been amazing and a life saver. I also decided to take few items that represented home for us. A few photos and a few decorative items.
Being that this is our first experience doing this I'm sure we'll learn a lot. I know I keep saying I'm excited, but I really am. I'm so excited for this new adventure and I'm so excited for what we have already learned and experienced. Do you have any experience with temporary living? xo. Samantha

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