January 29, 2015


Welcome to our new home. Technically it's temporary, but this is where we will be for the beginning of this year and even though it's temporary it feels extremely refreshing. We live in a small one bedroom apartment which is apart of Hyatt House. It's fully furnished and has most of everything a person may need. Minus any baking dishes, but I brought our cookie sheet so I still can bake cookies.
When we were making our way here I kept wondering if we brought too much. I was concerned that we wouldn't have enough space, but I was surprised and grateful because the space has been just perfect. For the most part we only brought clothes and everyday necessities. The other items we brought were mostly office related and things that we use most often.

There is a small desk in the living room area which I was pretty excited about. We weren't quite sure how the apartment was laid out, so when we got here and saw there was a desk I was excited that I would have a work space. I was totally watching Alias when I took this photo. :) 
I really like the layout of the apartment. There are double doors that lead into the bedroom and there is a good size bathroom and closet. I think one thing that I really like the most is that we only have here what we really  need and the things that we use most often. It makes my minimalist heart happy.  This might be random, but both tvs in this apartment are bigger then the tv we used to have and we definitely didn't have two.
A lot of our time here feels like a special treat. There are lots of complementary things that come with our stay that make it feel like a time of rest. We're excited for our time here and we're excited for what God has in store for us. xo. Samantha 

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