January 30, 2015

5 THINGS : VOL. 37

1.) When we arrived this past week we were greeted with cold weather and lots of snow. I had lots of hot chocolate this week and lots of lovely slow moments. It was much needed after a week of travel.

2.) We ventured out after the snow storm and had lots of fun in the snow including snapping some style photos. More on that next week, stay tuned!

3.) Snow, snow, and more beautiful snow. My heart has been so happy.

4.) I received my very first happy mail at our new home and it was the sweetest surprise. I was curious about how we would receive mail and I was excited that it was so easy.

5.) We ventured to downtown White Plains, as well as a few other areas and my favorite part was seeing all the beautiful history.


Blogging and staying organized.
Because yes, they do often die.
Popcorn and candy? Yes, please.
I want to go to all the places
Get in my belly. That's all I have to say. 

How was your week, friends?

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