January 16, 2015


1.) This week was full of friends and goodbyes. It really was lovely to see everyone, catch up, and spend time together. We're so excited for this next adventure, but we will miss everyone.

2.) This week was full of so many things to do. We had tons of packing, tons of purging, and then more packing and purging. But it was all worth it, we're loading the trailer tomorrow and hitting the road on Sunday. I can't wait!

3.) Do you know what a lot of packing and purging lead too? Yeah, eating lots and lots of cookies. I made cookies for Tyler to take to work and I ate my fair share too.

4.) I cleaned out my closet this week. I've actually been working on purging my closet all year, but this week was all about taking everything out and packing all the things. Including my old pair of snow boots. I can't want for the snow!

5.) I finished putting together an office box and all the office supplies I'm taking to Connecticut. It was really fun picking out my favorite office items and getting everything together.


Healthy options, for a healthy year. 
This, Blog Style Guide.
Raspberry goodness.
Leather & copper, yes please.
On finding your focus.

How was your week, friends? 

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